I swear to mother frikin God , the whole hunger games series is my obsession !

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I need this !
I want to see how sick people are. Reblog if you have ever been bullied physically or mentally. Ever been called a name. Cried at night. Ever been cyber bullied. Just reblog if you have been bullied.

A lot .

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Nope c;



I want everyone to know that you are never alone. I know that sometimes life can be rough and you just want to end it right at that moment. But I am here to tell you that it WILL get better. No matter how bad it may seem, it will always get better. So what if there is no such thing as happily ever after. Create one. Make it possible. We are all worth it, we were all put on this planet for some reason. Whether it was to create the cure for cancer, or just to lend a hand. There are thousands of people in this world going through the same thing you are. They know how you feel. So if you ever feel down or just need a lightened spirit, I am here for you. Whatever you do, please don’t do what I did. Don’t cut.

this is so sad and made me tear up cause things got worse..and those cuts are nothing compared to ones i have now

I need to get myself more help ._.
All the time 
So I was at a funeral, and this happened……and yes its supposed to be a dreamcatcher 